Yunnan Project Briefs - Biodiversity Landscapes and Livelihoods

The GMS Core Environment Program has been working with China's Yunnan Environmental Protection Department (YEPD) since 2006 to pilot biodiversity conservation initiatives in the province.

Most of the focus has been on Xishuangbanna prefecture, but also with some pilot activities in Deqin in the mountainous far north. CEP has also supported environmental performance assessments in both the province and Xishuangbanna. The series of briefs below, produced by YEPD, provide an overview of CEP Phase II work in Yunnan from 2012-2016, including land use planning, biodiversity conservation collaboration between Yunnan and Lao PDR in border areas, forest restoration guidelines, integrated conservation and livelihood pilot work and more.

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Video: Rare Plant and Animal Species Find Sanctuary in PRC's Tropical Rainforest

2nd September 2016

Biodiversity corridors have been introduced in threatened tropical areas of Yunnan province, People's Republic of China, with ADB support. The program is ensuring the survival of rare plant and animal species, while eco-farming practices provide local communities with sustainable livelihoods.


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Video: Safeguarding Yunnan's Biodiversity

10th August 2016

This film highlights the environmental challenges facing China's Southwestern province of Yunnan as well as ongoing efforts to protect the unique biodiversity in the province's Xishuangbanna prefecture.

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