Support to Viet Nam’s Environmental Protection Planning Circular (2016)

Viet Nam has dramatically reduced poverty over the past two decades through rapid economic development. However, this process has included some poorly planned industrialization, urbanization, and agricultural intensification, which has led to pollution, resource depletion, and environmental degradation.

In response to concerns about growing environmental problems, Viet Nam promulgated a new Law on Environmental Protection in 2014.

Since then the country has been developing regulations to provide guidance on how the law should be implemented. In 2015, the Government requested GMS Core Environment Support to assist with the drafting of a Circular on Environmental Protection Planning (EPP). The basic aim of the EPP is to guide efforts to strengthen development planning to optimize economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

CEP support has so far included producing a Position Paper on EPP, which was finalized in March 2016. This paper outlined the intent and planned application of EPP, as well key aspects of the current planning context. Using the paper as an input, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment produced the first draft EPP in mid-2016. CEP has helped review the draft, which is expected to be finalized and approved by the Government by the end of 2016.


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Publish Date: 29th September 2016

Last Updated: 1st November 2016

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