Myanmar’s Ecotourism Policy and Management Strategy (2015-2025)

This policy and management strategy was launched by the Government of Myanmar in May 2015 provides guidance on how the country can development ecotourism in protected areas to maximize social and economic benefits and minimize environmental damage. The GMS Core Environment Program was one of the supporting partners.

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Myanmar Ecotourism Policy and Management Strategy

1st April 2015

Myanmar Ecotourism Policy and Management Strategy intends to use ecotourism as a driving force to strengthen the management of Myanmar’s expanding protected areanetwork. It aims to engage all stakeholders to implement ecotourism policies, business models, and management approaches that protect the unique ecosystems of Myanmar, and celebrate indigenous groups that havemade these special areas their home. 

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Regional Knowledge Sharing Event on Transboundary Biodiversity Landscape Management in the GMS

24th November 2016

Senior environment and forestry officials from Yunnan and Guangxi met with representatives from the other five GMS countries to exchange experiences and lessons from biodiversity conservation work in transboundary landscapes.

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