GMS Atlas of the Environment - 2nd Edition

Prepared for the 20th Anniversary of the GMS, this second edition of the Atlas offers a unique overview of the exquisite beauty and diversity of the subregion’s natural environment. It also highlights the tremendous progress made by the GMS countries, as well as the need to address the increasing risks that they face. 

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Nordic Development Fund approves $5.3 million for the Core Environment Program

6th May 2013

On 3 May, the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) signed a co-financing agreement with ADB committing $5.3 million to climate change activities under the GMS Core Environment Program.

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ADB: Environmental Sustainability at Risk from Global Economic Slowing

6th June 2016

The uncertain global economic outlook threatens to undermine the resolve of countries in Asia to implement urgently needed investments and policies to help put their economies on an environmentally sustainable growth path, warns a report by Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

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