Forum on Inclusive Green Growth: Investing for a Sustainable Future - 30-31 January

The forum aimed to identify barriers and opportunities, including for financing and technologies, to scale up green growth approaches in the GMS.

It included four dialogues: Investing in Natural Resources, Green Energy, Sustainable Infrastructure, and Climate Resilience. A green growth exhibition supported the dialogues and there were also side seminars on green technology as well as knowledge management.

The agenda and meeting materials can be downloaded below. 


File Name Size Modified
Agenda​-Green​-Growth​-Forum.pdf 238 KB 28-01-2018
EMM​​-5​​-Paper​​-Trends​​-Opportunities​​-Green​​-Growth.pdf 496 KB 27-03-2018
Welcome​-Remarks​-Govt​-of​-Thailand.pdf 94 KB 29-01-2018
Welcoming Remarks ​- ADB.pdf 48 KB 29-01-2018
Overview​-Green​-Growth​-in​-Action​-Annandale​-EOC.pdf 2 MB 30-01-2018
GMS​-Core​-Environment​-Program​-Ramachandran​-ADB.pdf 2 MB 30-01-2018
Green​-Growth​-Exhibit​-Opps​-Challenges​-Klasander​-Govt.SWE.pdf 842 KB 30-01-2018
Green​-Growth​-Exhibit​-Role​-of​-Project​-Design​-Seul​-CBE.pdf 3 MB 30-01-2018
Green​-Growth​-Exhibit​-Water​-Technology​-Pomerai​-MagneticTechs.pdf 420 KB 30-01-2018
D1​-NRM​-Derisking​-Natural​-Resource​-Investments​-Javed Mir.pdf 3 MB 30-01-2018
D1​-NRM​-Barriers​-and​-Solutions​-Green​-Investments​-McCauley​-WWF.pdf 1 MB 30-01-2018
D1​-NRM​-Tools​-Land​-Management​-Allocation​-Policy​-Verburg​-Univ.Amstdm.pdf 7 MB 30-01-2018
D2​-Green​-Energy​-Intro​-Tharakan​-ADB.pdf 1 MB 30-01-2018
D2​-Green​-Energy​-Opps​-Challenges​-Scalingup​-Renewables​-duPont​-SEI.pdf 3 MB 30-01-2018
D2​-Green​-Energy​-SEA​-Power​-Development​-Planning​-Sussan​-EOC.pdf 1 MB 30-01-2018
D2​-Green​-Energy​-Renewable​-Energy​-Cambodia​-Choumnit​-Govt.CAM.pdf 2 MB 30-01-2018
D2​-Green​-Energy​-Renewable​-Energy​-Myanmar​-Oo​-Govt.MYR.pdf 2 MB 30-01-2018
D2​-Green​-Energy​-Renewable​-Energy​-Vietnam​-Tuan​-Govt.VN.pdf 2 MB 30-01-2018
D3​-Sus​-Infra​-Transport​-Logistics​-Solutions​-Leonardi​-Univ​-Westminister.pdf 4 MB 02-02-2018
D3​-Sust​-Infra​-Catalyzing​-Green​-Finance​-Mehta​-ADB.pdf 3 MB 02-02-2018
D4​-Climate​-Resilience​-EBA​-Water​-Communities​-Wong.pdf 9 MB 02-02-2018
D4​-Climate​-Resilience​-Strengthening​-Resilience​-Communities​-Roy​-ADB.pdf 5 MB 02-02-2018
D4​-Climate​-Resilience​-RIsk​-Financing​-GMS​-Manuamorn.pdf 1 MB 02-02-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-Intro​-Ponzi​-ADB.pdf 1010 KB 02-02-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-Decision​-Science​-Romanach​-USGS.pdf 5 MB 02-02-2018
EMM​-5​-Paper​-SEA​-Power​-Sector​-Planning​-GMS.pdf 3 MB 28-01-2018
EMM​-5 note​-Recent​-Developments​-SEA​-in​-the​-GMS​-format.pdf 1 MB 29-01-2018
EMM​-5​-Paper​-GMS​-Green​-Freight​-Initiative​-Pathways​-Sustainable​-Transport.pdf 1 MB 28-01-2018
EMM​-5​-Paper​-Land​-Use​-Planning​-GMS​-format.pdf 8 MB 28-01-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-Disaster​-Climate​-Risk​-Management​-Guttman​-ADPC.pdf 2 MB 05-02-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-Environment​-friendly​-Cookstoves​-Anchan​-Envirofit.pdf 2 MB 05-02-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-Farm​-Management​-Software​-Zulj​-AGRIVI.pdf 2 MB 05-02-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-M&E​-PFES​-Quang Hoa Anh​-WWF​-Viet​-Nam.pdf 2 MB 05-02-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-Mekong​-AgriTech​-Challenge​-MBI.pdf 2 MB 05-02-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-PV​-Technology​-Schroeter​-Sunlabob.pdf 3 MB 05-02-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-Waste​-Energy​-CBE​-Seul.pdf 3 MB 05-02-2018
Knowledge​-Seminar​-Closing​-Data​-Gaps​-Epprecht​-CDE.pdf 3 MB 05-02-2018
GreenTech​-Seminar​-Climate​-Resilient​-Infrastructure​-Carew​-Reid​-ICEM.pdf 5 MB 05-02-2018

Publish Date: 29th January 2018

Last Updated: 6th February 2018

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The WGE AM-24 was followed by thematic discussions that covered the proposed new programs entitled: "GMS Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Program (CCESP)" and "GMS Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Program (SAFSP)" which are aligned with three out of seven operational priorities of Strategy 2030 approved by the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Board in 2018.


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