Celebrating 'Earth Day' in the Mountains of Northern Yunnan

Under the gaze of the famous Meli Snow Mountain in northern Yunnan Province, ‘Earth Day’ was celebrated in Deqin County with a public awareness campaign on climate change, biodiversity conservation, and responsible tourism.

With a sparse human population, stunning mountain vistas, old growth forest, and impressive flora and fauna, at first glance Deqin County looks an untouched paradise. However, expanding agriculture, forest loss, illegal hunting, and a rapidly growing tourism industry are causing biodiversity losses and other ecosystem damage. The county is also vulnerable to climate change, where small increases in temperature can drastically affect habitats for plant and animal species living within narrow altitude bands on fragile mountain slopes.   

To learn about these issues and how they could respond, more than 600 people attended the ”Scientific Responses to Climate Change; Construct Deqin as an Ecological Civilization” event in Shengping township on the morning of April 22. The local Tibetan community put on an art show to showcase the importance of nature in their cultural traditions while speeches and other displays highlighted the environmental challenges facing the county and provided practical advice on actions local people could take. Hundreds of community members signed a banner pledging to conserve water and save energy.

The event was organized by the Deqin Environment Protection Bureau (DEPB) in cooperation with the Deqin Meteorological Bureau and the Association of Science and Technology. The GMS Core Environment Program, which supports the DEPB with biodiversity conservation pilot activities, also provided some support.


Publish Date: 27th May 2015

Last Updated: 1st June 2015

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