Workshop on Environmental Protection Planning

Ha Noi, Viet Nam 29th September 2016

Viet Nam is in the process of developing an Environmental Protection Planning (EPP) Circular to improve environmental management within the country. This workshop aimed to build stakeholder awareness of environmental protection and planning and draws on international and national best practice and experience.

The event objectives included building stakeholder understanding of environmental protection planning roles and concepts in Viet Nam, and to share international and national environmental planning experience. More than 70 participants attended, including government officials from environment, transport, and construction ministries; global experts, and representatives from national universities, 

The workshop topics included:

  • General orientation on implementing  EPP at national and provincial levels.
  • Environmental zoning: Concepts and international experience, and  suggestions for implementation in Viet Nam.
  • Lessons learnt from European Union experience on environmental protection planning.
  • Provincial case-studies of Viet Nam experience with environmental planning.

Focus group discussions and Q&A sessions were also held. Presentations from the event can be downloaded below.

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