NESAP 1st Task Force Meeting

Phnom Penh, Cambodia 14th December 2015

A newly established Inter-Ministerial Task Force to guide the formulation process for Cambodia’s National Environment Strategy and Action Plan (NESAP) met for the first time on 15 December in Phnom Penh.

Comprising representatives from 16 government ministries, the task force discussed their roles and responsibilities, and work priorities, including a data collection plan, and the proposed structure of the NESAP document.

Roles of the task force were provisionally identified as follows:

  • Lead and coordinate the formulation process of NESAP.
  • Approve the inception work plan, stakeholder engagement strategy, and communication plan.
  • Facilitate the collection of relevant data, information and technical analyses for the NESAP development.
  • Participate at consultative events and advise on pathways to achieve sustainable development in Cambodia and build stakeholder understanding of environment­­-development linkages and issues.
  • Identify NESAP priority actions and propose institutional arrangements and enabling conditions for implementation, including roles of government agencies, investment projects, civil society organizations (CSOs), and the private sector.
  • Identify policy tools, financing options, and capacity development needs to integrate environment into national, subnational, and sector policies.
  • Review and comment on the NESAP drafts and other related documents and reports.
  • Oversee the finalization of NESAP report before submitting to the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) and the Royal Government of Cambodia for endorsement and approval.
  • Recommend to NCSD for final review and endorsement.
  • Identify opportunities for development partners and private sector to support NESAP implementation. Provide guidance and support to the preparation and development of joint missions and activities with development partners, CSOs, and the private sector, as well as collaboration with the concurrent formulation process for a the new national environmental code, as well as other initiatives relating to climate change, green growth, and the sustainable development goals  

The task force meeting was organized by the Ministry of Environment with support from the GMS Environment Operations Center.

Presentations can be downloaded below.

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