The Fourth Roundtable Discussion on Climate Change Adaptation in the GMS

8th October 2014

Collaboration with Roundtable Partners on the Fourth GMS Environment Ministers Meeting (EMM4) and the Regional Investment Framework (RIF)

At this fourth roundtable, partners discussed opportunities to raise the profile of climate change issues among environment leaders in the GMS and to ensure that environmental considerations are better integrated into the GMS Regional Investment Framework’s (RIF) $50 billion project pipeline.

Partners discussed how Spatial Multicriteria Asessment (SMCA) has been used as a RIF planning tool, and brainstormed ways to improve the relevance of SMCA to the ongoing prioritization of RIF projects, including by adding climate risk-related criteria.

Partners also identified the natural capital themed Fourth GMS Environment Ministers’ Meeting (EMM4), scheduled for January 2015, as a key opportunity to influence environment leaders and policy makers.  
Partners discussed joint inputs to key messages for ministers, including an overarching message on the importance of managing climate change risks for sustainably managing the subregion’s natural capital. And more specifically, actions must be considered as part of RIF implementation to ensure both environmental sustainability and project viability. 

EMM4 entry points to get these messages across were also discussed and included influencing the Joint Environment Ministers’ Statement, as well as ensuring climate change features in EMM4 events and knowledge products, such as the proposed “Call for Action.” 

The roundtable was co-organized by the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition’s Bangkok Office and the GMS Environment Operations Center. 

Partner representatives attended from USAID’s Regional Development Mission for Asia, the Mekong Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change Project (USAID), the Stockholm Environment Institute – Asia, the Asia-Pacific Adaptation Network, the GMS Core Agricultural Support Program, Southeast Asia START, and the Mekong Region Futures Institute.


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