EOC Team

eEnvironment Operations Center


Mr. Suchat Katima Mr. Suchat Katima

Team leader

Mr. Sumit Pokhrel Mr. Sumit Pokhrel

Deputy Technical Program Head

Mr. Sotan Meam Mr. Sompongse Somsookh

Finance and Administration Specialist

Mr. Iain WatsonMr. Iain M. Watson

Environmental Safeguards and Monitoring Specialist

Duncan Mcleod Mr. Duncan McLeod

Outreach and Communications Specialist

Lothar Linde Mr. Lothar Linde

Environment and Spatial Planning Specialist

Le Qoud Huy Le Quoc Huy Ph.D

Biodiversity Landscapes Livelihoods Specialist

Nguyen Thanh Vinh Nguyen Thanh Vinh

Environmental Policy Specialist

Ms.Bossadine Uy Ms. Bossadine Uy

Statistics and Indicators Specialist

Mr. Tan Kim Ang Mr. Tan Kim Ang

MIS and Applications Specialist

Ms. Marissa Garcia Ms. Marissa Garcia

Regional Program Coordinator

Ms. Rawiwan SribhibhadMs. Rawiwan Sribhibhad

Executive Coordinator

Sumana Kmolpun Ms. Sumana Kmolpun


Jirapar Boonyasurakul Ms. Jirapar Boonyasurakul

Project Administration Coordinator

Jirapar Boonyasurakul Mr. Ongarj Ritthongpitak

IT Specialist